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The community is conveniently located close to shopping, including the Leesburg Corner Premium Outlets, restaurants, historic Leesburg, the Washington & Old Dominion Trail, plenty of local attractions, a park-n-ride and just minutes away from Dulles International Airport (IAD) and 30 miles from DC.

East Stratford Community Map
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East Stratford HOA Boards and Contacts

The East Stratford Home Owners Association is dedicated to providing services and amenities to residents as well as establishing/enforcing regulations to protect the community’s appearance and residents’ property value.

There are 3 HOA’s that make up the East Stratford Community: Residential, A/B, and C/D. Each homeowner belongs to 2 HOAs and therefore has assessments for each; the Residential HOA and either the A/B HOA or the C/D HOA, depending on where your property is located within the community.

East Stratford Residential

The Residential association governs the community recreational facilities such as the lake, pool, tennis courts, and dry pond. Meetings are typically held on the 4th Thursday, every other month, beginning each January. They start at 6:30 PM and begin with an open forum for homeowners and residents. Meetings are held at the community clubhouse, 301 Whipp Drive.

President – Don Amos
Vice President – Cathy Zimmerman
Treasurer – VACANT
Secretary – Mike Cokain
At-Large – Brent Chapman 

East Stratford A & B Board

East Stratford HOA A & B Map

The A/B HOA is a sub-association of the Residential HOA. The homes located within A/B are situated along the roads of: Parkgate, Burnell, Duvall, Jennings, Shirley, Shadwell, and Cagney.

The A/B Board of Directors (BOD) is the executive policy-making body of the East Stratford Phase A & B HOA. The BOD currently consists of five directors that are elected by the homeowners each Spring at the Annual Meeting. Each director serves a three-year term. Terms are staggered, so they all don’t expire within the same three-year period.

In exercising its responsibilities, the BOD has a fiduciary obligation to the members of the community (e.g. property owners) to conduct the business and affairs of the association in a prudent manner. The authority of the BOD is outlined in detail in Article 4 of the Association’s Bylaws. The BOD exercises all decision-making responsibility for the A/B community, except for a limited number of issues where the community documents require a vote by the collective membership of the A/B homeowners.

Meetings are held at the community clubhouse, 301 Whipp Drive, and are typically held on the 4th Tuesday, every other month, beginning in February. They start at 6:30 PM and begin with an open forum for homeowners and residents. All community residents are welcome and encouraged to attend the meeting. They always look for community input.

President – Isaac Bertramsen
Vice President – Beth Honcharski
Treasurer – Don Amos
Secretary – Mark Lavery
Member at Large – Matt Tregoning 

East Stratford C & D Board

East Stratford HOA C & D Map

The C/D HOA is a sub-association of the Residential HOA. The homes located within C/D are situated along the roads of: Baish, Rusert, Ebaugh, Hanrahan, Whipp, and Morrisett.

President – Nick Konovalov
Vice President – Amanda Gauldin
Treasurer – Katharine Schelhorn
Secretary – Micky Samlok
At-Large – VACANT


East Stratford has numerous subcommittees for residents that wish to become involved. If you are interested in serving on one of the committees listed below or beginning a new one, please contact management at (703) 803-9641 or via email at [email protected]. The community is always interested in other opportunities and fresh ideas! (Committee Application)

Architectural Covenants Committee (Phases A & B)

Reviews applications submitted by homeowners requesting changes to their property and/or dwelling and ensures that requested changes comply with perspective community (A & B or C & D) documents. This committee also makes recommendations to the board for any recommended application variances and/or request for document updates.

  • Any changes to the outside of your home including paint color, trees, doors. etc. require an application form and must be approved by the Architectural Covenants Committee before starting the change. Please see the HOA Architectural Approval form or contact Sequoia Management for assistance

Design & Architectural Information

Landscaping Committee (Residential, Phases A & B)

Works with homeowners to provide suggestions and recommendations regarding the look and maintenance in the community and will also assist the Board with specific tasks and assignments such as information gathering, investigations, and other tasks as appropriate.

Neighborhood Watch/Safety Committee (Phases A & B)

Advises the BOD, in a reasonable and productive manner, on issues to let residents learn how to:

  • make their homes more secure
  • watch out for each other and the neighborhood
  • report activities that raise their suspicions to the police department
  • They also make residents aware of the speed limit in the Stratford community, which is 25MPH.

Social and Events Committee

Creates and organizes social events and provides suggestions and recommendations to the board regarding future social activities. The social committee also assists the board with specific tasks and assignments as appropriate.

Welcoming Committee (Phases A & B)

Acts as a resource for new residents, helping owners and tenants become acclimated to the Community’s rules and regulations, and providing information on benefits (e.g. tot lots, pet waste facilities, pool and tennis court, etc.)

Contact Us

Sequoia Management Company
Shannon Cook, CMCA®, AMS®,PCAM®
Senior Community Manager
Address: 13998 Parkeast Circle
Chantilly, VA 20151
Phone: (703) 803-9641
Fax: (703) 968-0936
Email: [email protected]

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