Home Improvement

What you need to know before planning a home improvement project

Any change whatsoever, whether permanent or temporary, to the exterior appearance of one’s property must be approved by the Architectural Covenants Committee. Further, once a plan is approved it must be followed precisely, or a modification must be submitted and approved.

It is important to understand that Architectural Covenants Committee approval is not limited to major alterations such as adding a room or deck to a house, but includes such items as changes in color and materials, etc. Approval is also required when an existing item is to be removed. Each Application is reviewed on an individual basis. There are no “automatic” approvals, unless provided for specifically in the Design and Maintenance Standards Handbook. Please see your HOA handbook (document links below) for complete process details.

Phase A & B

Phase C & D

East Stratford Phase C & D Architectural review process will NO longer be done via email. Please check the Event’s page for Residential Board Meeting dates/times. Applications must be submitted at least 7 days prior to the meeting in order to be included in that months review package, otherwise your application will be reviewed at the next monthly meeting. Please plan accordingly for any projects you may have.

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