General HOA Questions

Where did my car go? If your vehicle was towed, please look here!

If your vehicle is missing, please first contact the Town of Leesburg Non-Emergency Police at (703) 771-4500.

If you find that your vehicle has been towed, please contact:

Battlefield Towing

What are the approved exterior colors?


  • Approved Exterior Colors can be found in the Design and Maintenance Standards Handbook on the Home Improvement page


*Additional information can be found on the Home Improvement page.

What is the approval process for structural changes? (new deck, doors, windows, shutters, retaining wall)

Please review the Home Improvement page for complete details.

Which services are handled by the town of Leesburg and which are handled by your HOA?

1) Snow plowing complaint on Parkgate/Jennings/Duvall/Burnell – Town of Leesburg
2) Snow plowing complaint within C&D streets – C/D board – Call Sequoia
3) Snow plowing complaint on Shirley/Cagney/Shadwell – A/B board – Call Sequoia
4) Trash pickup – Town of Leesburg
5) Common Area Mowing – Call Sequoia
6) My recycling bin needs to be replaced – Town of Leesburg

Which HOA board handles my issue?

East Stratford Residential governs the community recreational facilities such as the lake, pool, tennis courts, and dry pond. Learn more about the Residential HOA.

East Stratford A & B Board is a sub-association of the Residential HOA. The homes located within A/B are situated along the roads of: Parkgate, Burnell, Duvall, Jennings, Shirley, Shadwell, and Cagney. The A & B board is the executive policy-making body of the East Stratford Phase A & B has a fiduciary obligation to the members of the community (e.g. property owners) to conduct the business and affairs of the association in a prudent manner. The BOD exercises all decision-making responsibility for the A/B community, except for a limited number of issues where the community documents require a vote by the collective membership of the A/B homeowners.

East Stratford C/D HOA is a sub-association of the Residential HOA. The homes located within C/D are situated along the roads of: Baish, Rusert, Ebaugh, Hanrahan, Whipp, and Morrisett. Learn more about the C/D HOA.

Community map by HOA sections

What do I need to know about owning a dog in Loudoun County?

The Commonwealth of Virginia mandates Loudoun County to require all dogs four months of age and older to be licensed. In Loudoun County, dog licenses are issued concurrently with the rabies vaccination effective period for each individual dog. The county issues permanent tags to remain with the dog for its lifetime (replacement tags are available if needed). All dogs must have a license tag securely attached to a collar and worn whenever the dog is off of the owner’s property.

How do I pay my HOA dues?

Details related to HOA payment are located on the “Pay Dues” page.

Parking A & B

What are the current parking rules?

In Section A (townhomes), residents may reserve one marked spot which only their household may use. Reserved spots represent 109 of the 207 total parking spots. The remaining 98 spots are unmarked and may be used by anyone during the daytime hours. To park in an unreserved spot overnight, you must have a hang tag to signify you are a resident or a guest of a resident. Two hang tags may be requested by each of the 109 townhome owners.

In Section B (single family homes) all street parking is public parking, and subject to the rules of the Town of Leesburg. For our purposes, any discussion of “parking rules” in our community typically applies to Section A only. The East Stratford A/B BOD cannot affect any changes on a public street, including parking rules, commercial vehicles, snow plowing, pothole repair, etc. These items must be addressed directly with the Town of Leesburg from the residents of those streets.

Why are there restrictions on parking in the townhome section?

Residents petitioned the board for more parking. The townhome section was habitually hitting 100 percent parking occupancy overnight. The board heard from moms and dads with small kids recounting parking on Parkgate and Burnell and walking in the dark across Hope Parkway to get home at night.

The board established a parking committee in March of 2017 that studied the issue for six months. The committee validated the complaints of full parking occupancy overnight and observed some homes which appeared to be operating 4-5 vehicles. Some vehicles did not move for weeks at a time. Most residences had 1-2 vehicles, but some had many more. The committee recommended restricting the amount of cars able to be parked overnight to three per home. (Only the reserved-marked spot would be guaranteed)

Are those the only parking restrictions in Section A?

No. It is also not permitted to park commercial vehicles (such as those with business decals and lettering) or oversized vehicles which do not fit into a normal parking space. Vehicles with expired registration or state inspection are also prohibited. These restrictions have existed since the creation of our community.

Why isn’t there enough parking?

This is a difficult question. The developer did not plan for two reserved spaces per home some 25 years ago; however, the Town did sign off on the plans per submission. Luckily, some homes have a driveway, a garage and others may only have one vehicle, which helps. The amount of parking was not a complaint 20 years ago, so for whatever reason, there are more vehicles now than there was two decades ago.

My neighbor has a driveway, and I don’t. Why do they get a reserved parking spot and two hang tags?

All parking within Section A, besides driveways and garages, is considered common HOA property. Virginia law requires that all townhomes (garage and non-garage) be treated equally and share common HOA property.

Why don’t we use some of our grassy common space and carve out some extra parking?

This has been discussed several times over the years. The BOD solicited bids and received exorbitant costs that went well above $350,000. This would have only provided approximately 12-18 spaces and also would have destroyed a big portion of Town approved green spaces. This burden would have also been divided equally by all A/B homeowners. The BOD decided that depleting all existing funds or imposing a special assessment was not the best plan of action for the community nor the best use of HOA funds.

What about parking on Hope Parkway? Could we add some spaces there?

No. Parking on Hope Parkway has been researched with the Town of Leesburg. They own and maintain it. The Town considered adding parking on Hope, but not on any part adjacent to the A/B community, due to the steep hill (visibility issue and school bus stop). Parking anywhere on the dam was also rejected by the Town. This left a small amount of parking from the clubhouse to the other end of Hope. All three East Stratford HOA boards directed Sequoia to survey the homeowners on the matter. This has been done two times in the last five years. Each time our homeowners voted to keep Hope Parkway free of parking, by more than a 70-30 margin. Ultimately, the Town denied the parking on Hope.

Why do people park on Parkgate or Burnell when they don’t live there?

Unknown. Since Parkgate, Burnell, Duvall, and Jennings are all public streets and owned by the Town of Leesburg, they have very few parking restrictions. As long as a vehicle has an up-to-date inspection and registration, it can be legally parked on any public street. As to the WHY, one could speculate a number of things: 1 – a residence may have 4-5 related adults who physically work outside the home, 2 – a resident likes to have lots of cars, 3 – it is more convenient than other parking alternatives, or 4 – commercial vehicles are not to be stored on common HOA property or permitted to be parked on a private lot/driveway. The list could go on.

What can I do about vehicles parked on the street near my home?

If a vehicle has not been moved for a period of five (5) days contact the Town of Leesburg Police non-emergency phone number, 703-771-4500. They will ticket and tow vehicles as needed. Especially those that have been abandoned, those deemed inoperable, or those that have expired tags or state inspection.

Has anything been done to address the cars parked along Burnell? Has anyone met with the Town?

Yes. Members of the BOD have met with the Town of Leesburg Traffic Control manager, Calvin Grow, on multiple occasions:

1. He came out at the HOA request to look at Burnell near where the bus stop is (Burnell/Jennings Ct) and installed no parking signs as the street parking represented a danger to the children and parents.

2. He came again and offered an option to provide permit parking on one or more Town streets in the neighborhood.

Criteria/Process: A survey of residents on a particular block would need to be taken by the residents as to whether or not they would want that. All residents on the block would have to agree to the permit parking. The residents would present the survey to the Town for review. Staff from the town would go to that street and survey at various times of the day to see if there was the required percentage (75%) of cars parked on the street to warrant a permit provision. The town staff would make a recommendation to the town council who will approve or deny the permit parking.

Community residents are encouraged to contact the Town for further information and assistance about public street parking.

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