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Please be advised that the East Stratford C&D Board of Directors has contracted with Dominion Paving to conduct sidewalk concrete replacements, crack sealing/filling, parking space/pavement markings, & yellow curb painting throughout the townhome section and some of the single-family home section of the community. 

This work will affect a majority of the community and directly impacts townhome parking.

Please pay careful attention to the dates below and times impacting your section of the community.

Residents WILL BE REQUIRED to move their cars and remain off the specified streets during these times, in accordance with the below traffic / parking information.

If you require use of your cars on these dates, do not leave your vehicles parked in your driveways/garages, as you will not be able to exit driveways during certain phases of the project.

The schedule is as follows, but is subject to change due to inclement weather:.

Phase 1
Concrete Work
Thursday, May 25
Miscellaneous areas throughout community as marked by Orange spray paint & No Parking Signage Beginning at 7 AM, Dominion Paving will be doing concrete replacements to sidewalks, curbs, etc. Several “NO PARKING” signs will be placed around the community in impacted area, 48 hours prior, stating “To stay 30 feet away from the orange “X’s” marked in orange spray paint.
Phase 2
Pressure Washing
Tuesday, May 30
No Impacts to parking – Recommended to avoid parking near any fire lanes/yellow curbs Dominion Paving will be pressure washing the yellow curbs in the community. No impact to traffic or parked cars, as long as no one is parked along the fire lanes.
Phase 3
Crack Seal/Fill
Thursday, June 1
Throughout community Beginning at 7 AM, Dominion Paving will start crack filling the streets. No impact to traffic & parked cars. The material dries very quickly, and the Dominion Paving Crew is mindful of blocking off and opening small areas as they move through the community. Recommended to not park on streets, but not a requirement.
Phase 4
Restriping/Curb Painting
Tuesday, June 6 & Thursday, June 8
Tuesday, June 6: Ebaugh & Rusert

Thursday, June 8: Baish & Whipp Hanrahan, & Morrisset

On the days indicated NO STREET PARKING WILL BE PERMITED between the hours of 9 AM and 5 PM. Several “NO PARKING” signs will be placed around the community 48 hours prior to the project beginning. **If access to your vehicle is needed on these days assure you relocate the vehicles to an area where parking is permitted and DO NOT leave them in your driveway/garage.


When parking on the single-family home streets, please be courteous to your neighbors and DO NOT block mailboxes, driveways, etc. You are also able to park in the clubhouse parking lot, overnight on ALL above dates noted without being towed. Please contact Shannon Cook at Sequoia Management at [email protected] or [email protected] or call (703) 803-9641, if you have any questions or concerns related to this matter.

East Stratford Residential Updates

2023 Pool Opening

East Stratford Pool Pass

As a reminder, we are pleased to announce that the 2023 swimming pool season is right around the corner!

**Please ensure you have registered for your digital pool pass NO LATER than MAY 22, 2023. Without registering you will not be allowed to access the pool on opening weekend.

How to register and the pool rules can be found on the community webpage at

Tick Treatment Update

TrueGreen tick treatment

East Stratford Association has recently hired TruGreen to complete a series of tick treatment sprays in the community. The first treatment will be done, weather permitting, on Monday, May 1, 2023, with the following treatments each 4-6 weeks apart. TruGreen will be posting signs 48 hours in advance of each treatment.

Please take time to review the following Precautionary Statement regarding these treatments:


Hazards to Humans (and Domestic Animals) CAUTION

Harmful if swallowed, inhaled or absorbed through skin. Avoid contact with skin, eyes or clothing. Avoid breathing spray mist. Wash thoroughly with soap and water after handling and before eating, drinking, chewing gum, or using tobacco. Remove contaminated clothing and wash before reuse. All pesticide handlers (mixers, loaders and applicators) must wear long-sleeved shirt and long pants, socks, shoes and chemical-resistant gloves. After the product is diluted in accordance with label directions for use, and/or when mixing and loading using a closed spray tank transfer system (such as U-Turn®), or an in-line injector system, shirt, pants, socks, shoes and waterproof gloves are sufficient. In addition, all pesticide handlers must wear a respiratory protection device1 when working in a non-ventilated space. All pesticide handlers must wear protective eyewear when working in non-ventilated space or when applying termiticide by rodding or sub-slab injection. Use one of the following NIOSH approved respirator with any R, P or HE filter or a NIOSH approved respirator with an organic vapor (OV) cartridge or canister with any R, P or HE prefilter.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Shannon Cook, [email protected] or Alyse Zilleruelo, [email protected] or call at 703-803-9641.

East Stratford A&B Updates – Architectural Inspection Reminder

Please take note that Sequoia Management will begin the Annual Architectural Inspections in early May 2023. Please make sure to address any exterior items that may need attention in order to avoid receiving a violation notice. Some common items we look for are posted below. Please note this list is not all inclusive and additional items may be cited if they are not in compliance with the Communities Architectural Guidelines/Standards.

  • Lawn Maintenance: Overgrown lawns, weeds in lawns and landscape beds, dead or dying bushes, trees, and plants
  • Paint: Chipping, peeling, bubbling or fading of paint on trim, shutters and front doors.
  • Miscellaneous Items: Public view storage of trash cans, recycling bins and miscellaneous items such as newspapers, garden tools, children’s toys, etc.
  • Repairs: Items in need of repair such as removal of mold/dirt from roof; rotted wood trim; broken fences, gates or boards; missing or damaged shutters; etc.
  • Maintenance: Items in need of maintenance such as yard work, deck and fence stain, cleaning of steps, fences, mailbox posts, etc.

East Stratford C&D Updates – Architectural Inspection Updates

The East Stratford C&D annual inspections have already taken place for Spring 2023. If you received a letter in the mail pertaining to violation(s) regarding the exterior of your home and need clarification on the noted items, an extension to remedy your violations, or need to submit an application to the architectural committee, please contact Shannon Cook, [email protected] or Alyse Zilleruelo, [email protected] or call 703-803-9641.

If you have already remedied your violation(s), we ask that you contact us and let us know, so we can reinspect and close the violation as needed.

If you have any other questions or concerns regarding any of the following updates, please contact management at 703-803-9641 or email Shannon Cook, [email protected] or Alyse Zilleruelo, [email protected].

Thank you.

Attention All East Stratford Residents,

Please see below updates pertaining to the East Stratford community.

East Stratford Residential Board Meeting

The East Stratford Residential Board meeting has been rescheduled from May 23 to May 4 at 6:30 PM via zoom. If you are interested in attending the next Board of Directors meeting, please register by emailing [email protected] for the zoom link.

Little Library at the ClubhouseLittle Free Library

We are happy to announce a new addition to the East Stratford Community. Thank you, Colin Lavery, for installing and putting this whole project together. We encourage all residents to participate & add to the little library, located to the left of the entrance doors of the Clubhouse.

A good way to locate the little library or any little library, is by going onto

Trex Challenge Update

As you may be aware, the whole community was participating in a trex recycling challenge. As a result, the community collected 412 pounds of recycled plastic! While we missed the 500 lb mark, we wanted to thank everyone in the community for participating. Stay tuned for future ways to participate.


East Stratford C&D – 2nd Quarter 2023 Application

East Stratford C&D Quarterly Rental Parking Program. Each quarter the HOA Board of Directors allocates several visitor spaces within Section C of the community (the townhomes – Baish, Rusert, Ebaugh Drives) for rental by homeowners. HOA members in good standing can apply for a hangtag that authorizes them to park in any open visitor space throughout the quarter. Applications for the 2nd quarter of 2023 (April – June) are due NO LATER THAN March 10, 2023. If you are already enrolled, you DO NOT need to resubmit a new application, as your prior application will automatically be resubmitted for consideration. If you are currently renting a space and are no longer interested in participating in the program, please let us know, as spaces are limited.

At this time the Board has voted unanimously to continue to allow a maximum of 15 spaces with the quarterly charge remaining at $175.00. If the amount of interested parties exceeds the 15 allocated spaces, the Board may reconsider the charge for the next quarter and all interested parties will be contacted regarding any additional increase to the cost. All hangtags are issued for a one-quarter period and are subject to a price adjustment in future quarters depending upon demand.

How It Works

The rental fees will be in addition to the regular HOA quarterly dues and are due at the same time as the quarterly HOA dues. Each homeowner who participates will be given a single hangtag to place on their rearview mirror. The hangtag will be valid for three (3) months and can be used as needed between the homeowner’s vehicles and guests. If a vehicle is displaying the current-quarter hangtag issued to the homeowner, the vehicle will not be towed from a visitor space, provided that the hangtag is readily visible through the windshield and that the homeowner and vehicle are in compliance with all other HOA rules, local ordinances and state law.

Homeowners will be able to park in any unused visitor parking spaces when displaying the hangtag. No specific visitor parking space will be assigned. Homeowners will be able to apply for a new hangtag/rental each quarter. Note, however, that the cost will be determined by the number of residents applying to participate in the program. The rental fee will be subject to change, as described below.

Under this program, only one (1) additional space will be available per home. The proposed rental charge will be finalized by the Board based upon the number of homeowners that apply for the spaces. If during a course of a quarter additional homeowners indicate an interest in renting a visitor parking space, the Board will consider the rental charge at the next quarterly meeting and raise the amount accordingly prior to issuing hangtags for the following quarter. The price will be set in order to achieve maximum parking flexibility as houses are sold or growing families need additional space.

New hangtag inserts will be issued each quarter. The color/content will change from quarter to quarter and cannot be reused. In addition to potential cost increases, the Board may re-evaluate the number of visitor spaces assigned to C&D rental and increase or decrease the spaces allocated as experience indicates. Revenue from the rentals will be deposited into the HOA common funds and will be factored into the annual budgeting process. In time, the extent of participation in the program should establish a fairly predictable rental charge.

This program will have no effect on the existing parking rules within the East Stratford C&D community. All existing HOA regulations will continue to be enforced, including the towing of second cars parked in driveways that are blocking a portion of the sidewalk.

Click here to download the application for a quarterly residential parking program. If you are interested in signing up for an additional parking space (one per household) for the 2nd quarter of 2023 (April – June) please complete the attached form and submit it no later than March 10, 2023. Again, if you are already participating in the program, no additional application is necessary unless your information has changed, or you wish to withdrawal your application.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at Sequoia Management (703-803-9641), fax (703-968-0936), or email ([email protected]).

Email sent on 2/16/23

Attention Baish, Ebaugh & Rusert Residents

On March 7th, 2023, we will be upgrading & replacing the current cluster mailboxes throughout the above-mentioned streets.

The new boxes will be for the residents on Baish, Ebaugh & Rusert Drive.

In order to access your new mailbox, you will need to obtain your new mailbox keys.

In order to obtain your new mailbox keys, please come to the East Stratford Clubhouse on February 22, 2023, between 6 – 6:30 PM with a valid drivers license and management will be present to hand these out as needed. If you are unable to obtain your mailbox keys at this date & time, there will be another attempt to hand deliver the mailbox keys in the following weeks.

Board members from the community will be attempting to deliver your new mailbox keys to your door between February 24th – February 27th in the evenings between 5 and 7 PM.

If you hear a knock on your door, it is likely a Board member attempting to deliver your new keys.

If we are unable to reach you (door-to-door) mailbox keys will be available for pickup at the Sequoia Management offices located at 13998 Parkeast Circle, Chantilly, VA 20151, beginning March 1st, 2023. Please contact Alyse Zilleruelo to schedule an appointment to obtain your keys [email protected]. If you schedule an appointment to come into the Sequoia offices, please bring some form of identification to confirm your mailing address.


    For example, if you were previously Slot 4 on your old mailbox, you may be slot 9 in your new mailbox. This information will be on the envelope that your new keys come in. This will only affect some customers; most customers will retain the same mail slot.
  2. ALL mail will be removed from the current boxes on March 6, 2023 by the post office and will be returned with normal mail delivery services resuming on March 8, 2023.

Lastly, please note, these are brand-new keys, and brand-new locks. These locks can be a little more finicky at first, until there is some wear to the key and lock. All the keys have been tested, so please double check your slot number and attempt to access your mailbox again before contacting us. Additionally, please be sure NOT to attempt to use your old keys in the new box, or your new keys in your old box!

If issues or questions arise, please contact us for further assistance at 703-803-9641 or via email at [email protected].

Thank You!


Annual meeting details and nomination information

All East Stratford Homeowners:

As with previous year’s the Board of Directors for all three East Stratford Associations have voted to hold the 2023 Annual Meeting of each Association on the same night, March 23, 2023, at staggered times. This year’s meetings will be held in person at the East Stratford Clubhouse at 301 Whipp Drive SE, Leesburg VA 20175.

At this time candidates are being solicited to serve on the Board of Director’s for each Association. Below please find and read the narratives relating to each Association to which you belong to and the current availability to serve on the Board of Directors for each.


East Stratford Phase C&D Homeowners Association, Inc. – Baish, Ebaugh, Whipp, Hanrahan, Morrissett & Rusert

There will be TWO (2) positions up for election to the C&D Board of Directors, each seat for a three-year term.

At this time candidates are now being solicited. As a member of the Association, you may become a candidate for this election. To become a candidate, your assessment payments must be current and if applicable any rules violation assessments/infraction should be resolved. We encourage all who have a sincere desire to serve your community to get involved.

Here is the nomination form, if interested in serving please complete the nomination form and return it to Sequoia Management Company, Inc., at the address listed below no later than Friday, February 17, 2023. Or via email to [email protected].


C&D Nomination Form

East Stratford Residential Community Association, Inc.- **All residents at East Stratford are members of the East Stratford Residential Community Association. **

There will be THREE (3) positions up for election to the Residential Board of Directors; two seats will be for a three-year term and one seat will be for a two-year term. Terms will be determined by the amount of votes each candidate receives.

At this time candidates are now being solicited. As a member of the Association, you may become a candidate for this election. To become a candidate, your assessment payments must be current and if applicable any rules violation assessments/infraction should be resolved. We encourage all who have a sincere desire to serve your community to get involved.

Here is the nomination form, if interested in serving please complete the nomination form and return it to Sequoia Management Company, Inc., at the address listed below no later than Friday, February 17, 2023, Or via email to [email protected].


Residential Nomination Form

East Stratford Phase A&B Homeowners Association, Inc. – Shirley, Shadwell, Cagney, Burnell, Parkgate, Duvall & Jennings

There will be TWO (2) positions up for election to the A&B Board of Directors, each seat, for a three-year term.

At this time candidates are now being solicited. As a member of the Association, you may become a candidate for this election. To become a candidate, your assessment payments must be current and if applicable any rules violation assessments/infraction should be resolved. We encourage all who have a sincere desire to serve your community to get involved.

Here is the nomination form, if interested in serving please complete the nomination form and return it to Sequoia Management Company, Inc., at the address listed below no later than Friday, February 17, 2023. Or via email to [email protected].

Phase A&B Nomination Form

Your participation in the operation of the Association is essential. With the dedicated involvement of every owner, the Association is able to function in a manner that benefits the property and members of the Association. Please stay tuned for additional information related to the upcoming 2023 Annual meeting. If you have any questions, please contact Shannon Cook at 703-803-9641 or via email at [email protected].

Thank You.

Shannon Cook, CMCA®, AMS®,PCAM®
Senior Community Manager
Sequoia Management Company
13998 Parkeast Circle
Chantilly, Virginia 20151
703-803-9641 work


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Attention Homeowner(s) of East Stratford Phase C&D,

As you were recently made aware the visitor/guest parking system has now gone completely digital, you no longer need to print passes for your visitor/guest(s). You simply have to register your vehicle online and the towing company will be aware of the approved permits/vehicles. Visitor/Guest parking permits are required in visitor spaces located on Baish Drive, Ebaugh Drive & Rusert Drive between the hours of 1 AM and 6 AM DAILY.

Parking is a valuable amenity in our community and it’s important to us that it is well regulated and enforced. The recent updates made to the parking resolution and parking system are designed to provide fair parking for all residents and guests as well as make for easier use going forward.

Each townhome lot owner (Baish, Rusert, Ebaugh) has been assigned an individual passcode which is specific to your lot and allows you to obtain visitor/guest parking permits for use in the visitor spaces as needed. Your passcode information was mailed to you this week and should arrive NO LATER than January 23, 2023. If you do not receive your passcode in the mail or if you have any problems with the passcode given to you, please contact management. Also, please be sure not to share this passcode with anyone outside of your household.

In order to allow for you to familiarize and test the system we will NOT be towing vehicles until February 1, 2023, so please be sure to test your passcode and assure it is working as beginning February 1, 2023, any vehicle not properly registered and parked in a visitor space will be towed without further notice.

You may visit either of the websites listed below, to obtain visitor/guest parking passes as needed:

Please be sure when registering your pass, you choose the proper timeframe & time length of pass that is needed.

Each lot in good standing, is able to obtain the following:

(1) visitor permit valid for a period not to exceed 48 hours every seven (7) days

(1) guest permit for a period from 48-72 hours per month 

(1) guest multi-week pass (up to two weeks) each six (6) months  

If you are in need of more information about the new parking policy, you can locate the Parking Rules & Regulations – Regulatory Resolution No 22-02 under member documents.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact management at 703-803-9641 or via email at [email protected].

Thank You – Management

Shannon Cook, CMCA®, AMS®,PCAM®
Senior Community Manager
Sequoia Management Company
13998 Parkeast Circle
Chantilly, Virginia 20151
703.803.9641 work

Attention East Stratford A&B Residents,

The Board meeting scheduled for December 27, 2022, has been cancelled this month. The next Board meeting will be held on February 28, 2023. If you have any questions or concerns related to this update, please contact the Community Manager [email protected] or call (703)-803-9641.

Happy Holidays!

Alyse Zilleruelo
Administrative Assistant
Sequoia Management Company, Inc.

Attention East Stratford Residents,Trash/Recycling Holiday Schedule and Christmas Tree Collection

2022 Trash/Recycling Holiday Schedule and Christmas Tree Collection

Christmas Day and New Year’s Day

Christmas Day and New Year’s Day both fall on a Sunday this year and will have no impact on your regularly scheduled trash/recycling collections.

Christmas Tree Collection

Christmas trees will be collected in the East Stratford Community during the first 2 weeks of January. Trees will be collected on Monday, your winter season yard waste collection day.

All trees must be placed on the curb with all tinsel/decorations removed and trees should not be placed in plastic bags. Collection of Christmas trees may be impacted by the national labor shortage; if a tree is placed curbside for collection on yard waste collection day and is not picked up, please advise residents to leave it out at the curb and collection will be completed as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this update, please contact your Community Manager [email protected] or call (703)-803-9641.

Happy Holidays,

Patriot/The Town of Leesburg

Attention all East Stratford Residents,

The East Stratford community has decided to get involved in the Trex challenge again this year. The Trex challenge is a competition to collect over 500 pounds of plastic bags to be recycled. If the goal is reached, the community will gain another Trex bench along with benefiting the environment and community as a whole.

If you would like to participate in the Trex collection, please leave the appropriate items listed below at the East Stratford Club house in the bins placed out front:
Grocery bags, bread bags, bubble wrap, dry cleaning bags, newspaper sleeves, ice bags, plastic shipping envelopes, Ziploc & other re-closable food storage bags, cereal bags, case overwrap, salt bags, pallet wrap & stretch film, wood pallet bags & produce bags.

Friendly reminder: Please make sure all plastic is clean, dry & free of food residue.

With the help of everyone in the community, this goal can definitely be accomplished once again!

Thank You & Happy Holidays!

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