Month: September 2023

Attention All East Stratford C&D residents,

Recently, the association has seen an increase in commercial vehicle storage within the community and has begun receiving increased complaints.

As you are aware, commercial vehicles are not permitted within the community per the Association’s Declaration, Section 8.2 (O) as well as the Parking Resolution which state:

Except in connection with construction activities, no commercial vehicles (vehicles in which commercial lettering or equipment is visible or which are larger than normally used for non-commercial purposes) or trailers, campers, recreational vehicles, boats or other large vehicles, including grounds maintenance equipment, ATV’s or dune buggies may be parked or used on any portion of the common area or on any portion of a lot visible from the common area or on another lot or on any public right of way within or adjacent to the property unless expressly permitted by the Board of Directors and then only in such parking areas or for such time periods (if any) as may be designated for such purposes by the Board of Directors. Parking of all such vehicles and related equipment, other than on a temporary and non-recurring basis, shall be in garages or in areas designated by the Board of Directors, if any.

The East Stratford C&D Board has asked that a reminder email be sent out to assure homeowners, residents and their guests are aware that any commercial vehicle parked within the community may be subject to towing without further notice after 7 PM. Beginning September 25, 2023, the association will begin towing all commercial vehicles that are in violation and parked overnight.

We encourage you to remind your guests of these rules as well and assure that if you are parking a commercial vehicle in the community, it is stored in your garage.

If you have any additional questions or concerns related to this update, please contact Shannon Cook or Alyse Zilleruelo at [email protected]/[email protected] or call 703-803-9641.

Thank you.


Email sent on 9/20/23

Vehicle Break Ins/Tampering – Community Safety Tips

We were made aware that there has been vehicle break ins/tampering within the community on August 31, 2023, specifically on Burnell Place & Baish Drive. Reports have already been filed with the police.

Remember, if you see something of this nature or anything suspicious, please call the Leesburg Police non-emergency line at 703-771-4500 and request to speak to an officer. An officer will respond if you request it and evaluate the situation. If a report is needed, the officer will take the report and provide a case number.

The Leesburg Police have passed along a few safety reminders for the community:

  • Keep your vehicles locked.
  • Verify that all exterior lights are functioning properly.
  • Ensure the cameras on your property are in working order.

Remember, if you see something, say something.

C &D Board Meeting Updates:

The next East Stratford C & Board of Directors meeting will be held In-person November 6, 2023, at 6:30 PM at the Community Clubhouse. Located at 301 Whipp Drive Se, Leesburg, VA 20175.

We encourage all residents to attend!

Lawn Maintenance Reminder:

Concerns were recently raised about lawn maintenance in the C & D section of the community. Please make sure to upkeep your lawn by:

  • Regular mowing of front and rear lawns (i.e. a minimum length of 2 inches and a maximum length of 6 inches, removal and maintaining removal of weeds, etc.)
  • Edging of all areas of the yard that are a part of the regular mowing (i.e. perimeter of house, around the perimeter of all landscaped beds, along and in between fence lines, etc.)
  • The presence of weeds in the lawns (i.e. all weeds in the yard, to include, but is not limited to, dandelions, crabgrass, clovers, etc.), that must be removed at all times.

The Board will be citing any home that does not comply with the above. Lawns should be kept well-maintained and should always conform to the above.

Speeding on Whipp/Baish/Hanrahan/Morrisett & Rusert Drive Reminder:

At the Board meeting held on August 28, 2023, the Board of Directors discussed concerns related to the speeding in the C & D section of the community. Due to the school year beginning, there is going to be a lot more activity outside with kids, children, parents, care takers and the members of the community in general, walking to buses, sometimes crossing the streets, as well as coming back in the evening from afternoon activities. We strongly encourage all members of the community to please adhere to the posted speed limit within the community. Also, keep in mind that due to kids/children being back in school, the roads are busier, and everyone needs to do their part by being respectful and obeying the law, so there is no cause for an accident.

Common Area Reminders:

As you are aware the East Stratford common areas are intended for the use and enjoyment of the residents. Recently, we have noticed many items being left to remain in common areas, unattended or not in use for extended periods of time. As a reminder, if you are utilizing the common areas, please be sure to remove all items you utilize promptly and clean up trash & debris as needed. Items left to remain in the common areas unattended will be removed and disposed of without notice. At this time, there are sports goals on the Rusert Dr. Island that are scheduled to be removed and disposed of on September 7th, 2023. If these belong to you, we encourage you to remove them prior to that date.

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