Month: September 2023

Attention All East Stratford C&D residents,

Recently, the association has seen an increase in commercial vehicle storage within the community and has begun receiving increased complaints.

As you are aware, commercial vehicles are not permitted within the community per the Association’s Declaration, Section 8.2 (O) as well as the Parking Resolution which state:

Except in connection with construction activities, no commercial vehicles (vehicles in which commercial lettering or equipment is visible or which are larger than normally used for non-commercial purposes) or trailers, campers, recreational vehicles, boats or other large vehicles, including grounds maintenance equipment, ATV’s or dune buggies may be parked or used on any portion of the common area or on any portion of a lot visible from the common area or on another lot or on any public right of way within or adjacent to the property unless expressly permitted by the Board of Directors and then only in such parking areas or for such time periods (if any) as may be designated for such purposes by the Board of Directors. Parking of all such vehicles and related equipment, other than on a temporary and non-recurring basis, shall be in garages or in areas designated by the Board of Directors, if any.

The East Stratford C&D Board has asked that a reminder email be sent out to assure homeowners, residents and their guests are aware that any commercial vehicle parked within the community may be subject to towing without further notice after 7 PM. Beginning September 25, 2023, the association will begin towing all commercial vehicles that are in violation and parked overnight.

We encourage you to remind your guests of these rules as well and assure that if you are parking a commercial vehicle in the community, it is stored in your garage.

If you have any additional questions or concerns related to this update, please contact Shannon Cook at [email protected] or call 703-803-9641.

Thank you.


Email sent on 9/20/23

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