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Welcome to the East Stratford Community! The information below is to acquaint you with the entire Stratford community and resources.

Brief Overview of the Community’s HOAs

The first phase (A/B) of this wonderful community was first established in 1999 by Ryan Homes. The second phase (C/D) was established in 2004 by Ryan Homes. Each phase is governed by a HOA; East Stratford Phase A/B HOA and East Stratford Phase C/D HOA respectively. Each HOA is also part of a larger, community HOA called the East Stratford Residential HOA. Sequoia Management was contracted as the management agent in 2006 for all 3 HOA’s.

East Stratford HOAs

There are 3 HOAs that make up the East Stratford Community; Residential, A/B, and C/D. Each homeowner belongs to 2 HOAs and therefore has assessments for each; the Residential HOA and either the A/B HOA or the C/D HOA, depending on where your property is located within the community.


Parking in the community is restricted to private, passenger-type vehicles.

  • East Stratford Phase A&B –
    • Each townhome in Section A has received 2 hang tags. These hang tags only need to be used when a resident or visitor is parked in an unmarked (not numbered) parking space between 12 AM (midnight) – 6 AM.
    • Any vehicle parked in an unmarked (not numbered) parking space between 12:00 AM (midnight) – 6:00 AM must display a hang tag on the rear-view mirror. The hang tag must be visible and verifiable by looking through the front windshield.
    • Any vehicle parked in an unmarked (not numbered) parking space without a verifiable hang tag is subject to towing, without further notice, 7 days per week.
    • Both residents and visitors of residents are required to abide by these parking rules.
    • Having a hang tag does not guarantee you a parking space, but it does authorize that vehicle to park within the townhome section if the tag is displayed correctly.
    • Unmarked (not numbered) parking spaces are available on a first come, first serve basis.
    • Hang tags are non-transferable and not meant to be sold, rented, transferred or shared with neighbors.
    • Replacement hang tags cost $10 each. Please contact Sequoia Management immediately if your hang tag is lost or stolen, as the status of the tag and serial number correlated with your property must be updated.
    • The Board of Directors recommends locking all vehicles for general safety as well as to prevent theft of hang tags.
      Vehicles blocking or impeding pedestrian access to sidewalks is a violation of the Loudoun County public safety rules.
    • The regulations that exist for residents to acquire and use numbered spaces remains the same, and are listed in the Resolution. Vehicles parked in numbered spots with owner permission do not require hang tags.
    • Please note, that while the new parking policy goes into effect today, the Board of Directors and Management have established a 30-day grace period of enforcement of these regulations. During the grace period warning stickers will be placed on vehicles in violation of policies.
  • East Stratford Phase C&D – Within Stratford C/D, each town home is permitted one reserved parking space, one driveway and one garage per lot. To obtain guest/visitor parking permits, please visit For extended time period requests, please contact your management team. Alternatively, owners are permitted to purchase quarterly hangtags (if available), rates and availability are subject to change based upon Board review, to obtain a quarterly residential permits (hangtags), please contact management. To view the Parking Rules and Regulations governing visitor and guest parking in section C, please reference the (Parking documentation).

From time to time you may find that someone has parked in your reserved parking space. The neighborly thing to do is to reach out to your neighbors first to find out if they or a guest has mistakenly parked there. If that fails, you can have the vehicle removed by our contracted towing company, Battlefield Towing. They have a list of authorized owners matching each of the reserved spots.

* The community also has restrictions on the parking of boats, buses, campers, commercial vehicles, mobile homes, trailers, trucks, and other non-passenger-type vehicles. Please refer to your parking regulations or contact management with any questions.

*Loudoun County does not allow parking in designated fire lanes (identified by yellow curbing), in such a manner as to obstruct sidewalks, on grass, or in other common areas not designated as reserved or visitor parking spaces. 

**Please check out the Stratford Resources for additional information on community resources such as, schools, utility companies, trash/recycle schedule as well as water/sewer and towing information.

East Stratford Community Map

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