Welcome to the East Stratford Community!

On behalf of the East Stratford Phase A/B Welcoming Committee, welcome to the East Stratford Community! The information below is to acquaint you with the entire Stratford community.

Brief Overview of the Community’s HOAs

The first phase (A/B) of this wonderful community was first established in 1999 by Ryan Homes. The second phase (C/D) was established in 2004 by Ryan Homes. Each phase is governed by a HOA; East Stratford Phase A/B HOA and East Stratford Phase C/D HOA respectively. Each HOA is also part of a larger, community HOA called the East Stratford Residential HOA. Sequoia Management was contracted as the management agent in 2006 for all 3 HOA’s.

East Stratford HOA’s

There are 3 HOA’s that make up the East Stratford Community; Residential, A/B, and C/D. Each homeowner belongs to 2 HOAs and therefore has assessments for each; the Residential HOA and either the A/B HOA or the C/D HOA, depending on where your property is located within the community.

East Stratford Residential

The Residential association governs the community recreational facilities such as the lake, pool, tennis courts, and dry pond. Meetings are typically held on the 3rd Wednesday, every other month, beginning each January. They start at 7 PM and begin with an open forum for homeowners and residents. Meetings are held at the community clubhouse, 301 Whipp Drive. Residential assessments for homeowners of A/B and C/D are due at the beginning of each month.

East Stratford Phase A/B

The A/B HOA is a sub-association of the Residential HOA. The homes located within A/B are situated along the roads of: Parkgate, Burnell, Duvall, Jennings, Shirley, Shadwell, and Cagney.The A/B Board of Directors (BOD) is the executive policy-making body of the East Stratford Phase A&B HOA. The BOD currently consists of five directors that are elected by the homeowners each Spring at the Annual Meeting. Each director serves a three year term. Terms are staggered, so they all don’t expire within the same three year period.

In exercising its responsibilities, the BOD has a fiduciary obligation to the members of the community (e.g. property owners) to conduct the business and affairs of the association in a prudent manner. The authority of the BOD is outlined in detail in Article 4 of the Association’s Bylaws. The BOD exercises all decision-making responsibility for the A/B community, except for a limited number of issues where the community documents require a vote by the collective membership of the A/B homeowners. Meetings are held at the community clubhouse, 301 Whipp Drive, and are typically held on the 4th Tuesday, every other month, beginning each January. They start at 7PM and begin with an open forum for homeowners and residents. All community residents are welcome and encouraged to attend the meeting. They always look for community input. A/B assessments are due the first of the month in each quarter (Jan, Apr, Jul, Oct).

East Stratford Phase C/D

The C/D HOA is a sub-association of the Residential HOA. The homes located within C/D are situated along the roads of: Baish, Rusert, Ebaugh, Hanrahan, Whipp, and Morrisett. This packet does not reflect the East Stratford C&D HOA at this time.


Parking in the community is restricted to private, passenger-type vehicles. Within A/B, each townhome is permitted one reserved parking space per lot. Open enrollment occurs annually in the Spring. Please contact management for further details if you do not currently have a reserved space.
Reserved parking spaces are to be used solely by the owners to which the spaces are assigned, or the owner’s authorized designees (e.g. tenant or guest).

From time to time you may find that someone has parked in your reserved parking space. The neighborly thing to do is to reach out to your neighbors first to find out if they or a guest has mistakenly parked there. If that fails, you can have the vehicle removed by our contracted towing company, Double D Towing 703-777-7300. They have a list of authorized owners matching each of the reserved spots.

Loudoun County does not allow parking in designated fire lanes (identified by yellow curbing), in such a manner as to obstruct sidewalks, on grass, or in other common areas not designated as reserved or visitor parking spaces. Double D is also contracted with A/B for these areas.
Note: The community also has restrictions on the parking of boats, buses, campers, commercial vehicles, mobile homes, trailers, trucks, and other non-passenger-type vehicles. Please refer to your parking regulations or contact management with any questions.

Trash & Recycling Removal

Stratford is within the town limits, so the Town of Leesburg provides trash pick-up in our community. Other than New Year’s Day, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day, the pickup schedule for trash & recycling is on the Stratford Resources page.

Fridays: special pickup for furniture, appliances, etc. (must call Town of Leesburg [703-777-2420] to schedule)

Note: The wind can get blustery, so residents should always have a trash containers with a lid and strap. Residents can place trash containers at the curb, in front of their home, AFTER 6 PM on the evening before trash pickup. All containers must be returned to their storage places by 6 PM on the evening of pickup. Containers used to store garbage must be kept in garages, inside houses, or in back yards. They are not to be visible from the street or another lot.

Please check out the Stratford Community page to find additional information on community resources and utilities.

East Stratford Community Map

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