Healthy Cereal Drive – November 13-14

Healthy Cereal

2021 Healthy Cereal Drive for Loudoun Hunger Relief

Volunteer or Donate on November 13-14
10 AM- 6 PM
Location: East Stratford Clubhouse

Our East Stratford community is remarkably kind and giving. We are a generous and supportive neighborhood!

‘Tis the season to review all the we have received and spread our kindness to a larger community in need. This year we have come together to:

  • Enjoy free ice cream and treats at social events
  • Compete well together in tennis and fishing tournaments
  • Find countless missing pets and return them to grateful homes
  • Share vegetables, herbs, and plants from our gardens
  • Give free items to neighbors weekly on our community Facebook group
  • “Walk More in March” with exercise stations at the lake
  • Support the largest and most profitable Community Yard Sale yet
  • Team up to host the largest ever Earth Day Clean Up ever seen here!
  • Benefited from at least 25 volunteers (and their families) on our boards and committees

Now Loudoun Hunger Relief needs our help to feed hungry children, families, and seniors.

Stroll over to the Clubhouse on Saturday or Sunday with a donation of healthy cereal. “No gift is too small,” states Loudoun Hunger Relief.

They have asked us specifically for donations of cereal so that our large gift does not require sorting in their warehouse.

If you want to give money it must go directly to Loudoun Hunger Relief – read for details. 

**Please bring any large cardboard shipping boxes you have so we can avoid borrowing resources from LHR.

Volunteer to give 15 minutes of your time to help sort and pack the donations.

Sign-up to Volunteer

Hosted by the East Stratford Social Committee

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