Jasmine Chinese Cuisine & Sushi Delivery Night, Wednesday, February 10

Jasmine Chinese Cuisine & Sushi Delivery Night
Wednesday, February 10th

Restaurant Nights continue – a series of 2021 winter events hosted by the East Stratford Social Committee. We can enjoy delicious food delivered to us as we support neighbor-owned restaurants!

Jasmine will offer free, FREE, no-touch delivery to your home on February 10. We can easily order from their full menu of Chinese cuisine and sushi. Jasmine is owned by one of our very own East Stratford families and has been voted Best of Loudoun Chinese Restaurant and one of Loudoun County’s Top 20 restaurants (Loudoun Times Mirror)!

Please note: This event is not a request or an endorsement of the product by the East Stratford HOA. Purchases from restaurants/ food truck businesses are made at your own risk. We all want to remain safe within the guidelines provided by officials and are therefore making clear requests below on how to make food purchases at this time.

The Social Committee has coordinated a plan and advertising for food delivery as a convenience for residents – and an exciting distraction. Please use your best judgement when deciding if public food service is the right choice for your family at this time.

Celebrate the week of Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year and support neighbors at Jasmine!

    1. Learn about Jasmine at jasminecuisine.com
      Jasmine Chinese Cuisine and Sushi – A better oriental dining experience
      Jasmine is a family owned and operated restaurant founded in 2006. Our recipes are authentic and have been part of our family for over 80 years.
    2. The menu is available on their website.
    3. To pre-order: Start ordering Wednesday, February 10; call 703-737-2288 between 11AM and 4PM and let them know you’re ordering for “East Stratford Day” in order to get free delivery.
    4. Payment: Credit cards are charged at the time the order is placed. The delivery fee is waived for us that day, however driver tips are appreciated.
    5. What time is food delivered? Let them know what time you would like your food delivered when you place your order.
    6. Got dietary needs? See their full menu for descriptions to meet your dietary needs.
    7. COVID-19: Their businesses are following strict rules due to COVID-19 and are following CDC and VDH guidelines and regulations.
    8. Anything else you want us to know? We’re happy to be part of ES Restaurant Nights! Thank you for your support!


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