Mama Lucci’s Night, Wednesday, January 20

Mama Lucci’s Night, Wednesday, January 20th

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Welcome to Restaurant Nights – a series of 2021 winter events hosted by the East Stratford Social Committee.

The Plan: We enjoy delicious food delivered to us as we support neighbor-owned restaurants! We kick off this series with Mama Lucci’s on Wednesday, January 20.

Mama Lucci’s offers free, no-touch delivery to our doorsteps.  We can easily order from their full menu of Italian, Greek and Middle Eastern food. Mama Lucci’s is owned by one of our very own East Stratford families who are always generous with catering at pool party and social events.  Now it’s time for us to support them and enjoy their service!

Please note: This event is not a request or an endorsement of the product by the East Stratford HOA. Purchases from restaurants/ food truck businesses are made at your own risk.  We all want to remain safe within the guidelines provided by officials and are therefore making clear requests below on how to make food purchases at this time.

The Social Committee has coordinated a plan and advertising for food delivery as a convenience for residents – and an exciting distraction.  Please use your best judgement when deciding if public food service is the right choice for your family at this time.

  1. Learn about Mama Lucci’s at 
  2. The menu is available on their website.
  3. To pre-order: Start ordering Monday, January 18; use their online ordering system or call 703-771-1789.
  4. Payment: Credit cards are charged at the time the order is placed. If using CASH you must notify them and leave the cash in an envelope outside your door.
  5. How does this work? No-contact delivery or pick up service is available.  “We will begin taking orders on Monday, January 18, 2021. The customer will place their order and pay at time of order (if cash, let us know if change will be needed so we can be prepared). Since there will be NO signing of credit/debit receipts, you will be asked if you would like to place a gratuity(tip) on the card at time of ordering for the driver.  We ask that you please have a chair, table or box outside your front door so that upon arrival with your delivery we can place the food on the table or chair or in the plastic box.  The driver will then knock/ring the doorbell to let you know your delivery has arrived. The driver will then walk away from the front door.”

  6. What time? “Time of delivery will be given when ordering.  It will be a first come first serve basis.  The sooner your call and place your order the better chances of having the food delivered at a certain time.  On January 20th if you would like the delivery at a certain time – please call 2 hours ahead of time and we will do our best to accommodate you.  We cannot guarantee specific times.” 

  7. Got dietary needs? “We serve Gluten Free pizza (small only), pastas, bread for sandwiches and buns for burgers. We also have halal meat and vegetarian dishes. Call us about any other dietary needs.”
  8. COVID-19: Their businesses are following strict rules due to COVID-19 and are following CDC and VDH guidelines and regulations. 
  9. Anything else you want us to know?  “To our valued customers, friends and family…Thank you for your years of loyal patronage. Our foods are fresh and made to order just for YOU. Your patience is greatly appreciated during preparation time. We will strive to be on time!  Thank you!” 
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