Neighborhood Window Walks, Tuesday, April 28, Fruit Mash Up

Kids crafts

Let’s add some brightness to these days at home with weekly Window Walks!

All residents are welcome to hang these images in your windows and walk the neighborhood to see how many you can find. A schedule of cheerful art themes below has been created by some of our teen residents (Thank you Lavery Family!).  

To participate: hang a picture of these shapes where walkers can see them.  Cut them from a magazine, draw, print, paint, craft or try a new art medium each week.  Please hang them on Tuesdays, or add more each day!  Keep the art posted all week, or at least until Friday, so families have time for Window Walks in each section of our community.

*Please be mindful to keep a social distance of 6 feet as you wander our sidewalks. 

Tuesday, April 28:  Fruit Mash Up (pineapples, watermelon, grapes)


Sponsored by the East Stratford Social Committee


Do you have ideas for neighborhood support during isolating times?  Please contact the Social Committee and we’ll collaborate! (email: [email protected])

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