Neighborhood Zoo, April 25 & 26

Welcome to the Stratford Zoo!  You may have watched virtual zoo exhibits online recently, and now it’s time to build your own. Create a comfortable habitat for a toy or stuffed animal on your front steps for everyone to see Tell us about your toy or stuffed animal “zoo exhibit.”

Hello, my name is…
I like to eat….
My natural habitat is…
In my free time I….

Does your animal live alone or with friends? What does your animal like to eat? (Download PDF for some ideas on what to share about your zoo)

Remember stay at least 6 feet away. Exhibits can be based on reality or pure imagination.

You can contribute to the Stratford Zoo exhibits in lots of ways if you’re not up for building an entire habitat…! 

·      Post pictures of animals in your window.  

·      Place a stuffed animal on your porch for people passing by to see.

·      Pull out an animal-themed seasonal decoration for the weekend.

Outdoor Stratford Zoo exhibits will be open based on clear weather – plan accordingly.  If the entire weekend will be rainy we will send notification about shifting it to Monday or Tuesday.

Hosted by the East Stratford Social Committee

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