Porch Parties, May 2 & 3

Hurray for May!  Let’s kick off the month with decorations on porches or front doors.  You can make this party as large or small as you choose – hang one sign or extend your Porch Party into your yard. 

Choose any theme – we’ll love it! Put up strings of lights, hang colorful wreaths or garland, post art in the windows nearby.  People walking by will appreciate that you took time to contribute to neighborhood spirit at this time.

*Please leave a chalk star on the sidewalk to tell the hosts that you enjoyed attending their party!  As always, be sure to keep a safe social distance of at least 6 feet while walking by the festive Porch Parties this weekend.

Plan your decorations to work with the weather.  If rain delays the parties leave them up for neighbors to enjoy through Monday.

Hosted by the East Stratford Social Committee

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