What are the current parking rules?

In Section A (townhomes), residents may reserve one marked spot which only their household may use. Reserved spots represent 109 of the 207 total parking spots. The remaining 98 spots are unmarked and may be used by anyone during the daytime hours. To park in an unreserved spot overnight, you must have a hang tag to signify you are a resident or a guest of a resident. Two hang tags may be requested by each of the 109 townhome owners.

In Section B (single family homes) all street parking is public parking, and subject to the rules of the Town of Leesburg. For our purposes, any discussion of “parking rules” in our community typically applies to Section A only. The East Stratford A/B BOD cannot affect any changes on a public street, including parking rules, commercial vehicles, snow plowing, pothole repair, etc. These items must be addressed directly with the Town of Leesburg from the residents of those streets.

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