Fitness Challenge: Walk More in March

East Stratford Fitness Challenge: Walk More in March

March 1-31, 2021

Winter weather and pandemic precautions have kept most of us at home more than usual this year. It’s time to GET OUT and Walk More in March!

The Social Committee has created this personal fitness challenge to help us get outside and look for signs of spring. You can also walk more indoors on a treadmill, climb more stairs or find creative ways to change up your fitness routine.

There are 3 ways to participate:

  1. Choose a “Walk x2” Goal from this list or create your own:
    • Double the frequency of your walks each week
    • Double the amount of time that you walk
    • Double the distance of your walks
    • Double the intensity of your walks
    • Double the peacefulness of your walk (focus on the scenery instead of your phone or distracting thoughts)
    • Double your daily step count on your fitness tracker
    • Double the fun on your walk around our lake at the new Activity Stations!
  2. Map It
    • We have created an East Stratford Walking Paths map, with distances measured, to inspire new walking routes. There are streets that form loops through the four sections of our community and around our lake. Take a new path or add in a loop!
  3. Activity Stations
    • Signs will be posted at the East Stratford Lake with fitness ideas to enhance your walking experience. Step off the path to flat ground and move like no one is watching! These activities are JUST SUGGESTIONS! Be safe, leave room for people to pass by, and allow at least 6 feet of space for social distancing at Activity Stations.


This event is not a request or recommendation from the East Stratford HOA. All individuals are responsible for their own safety and participate at their own risk. We all want to remain safe during the COVID-19 pandemic and ask that you follow the recommended guideline of maintaining a social distance of 6 feet as you participate in this event, especially at Activity Stations.

The Social Committee has coordinated this event as an optional social distance program for residents. Please use your best judgement when deciding if a new fitness program is the right choice for you at this time. Contact your health provider before starting any new fitness program. Stay safe during this challenge and take appropriate precautions for any environmental and health risks.

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