Grab & Go, Skrimp Shack Food Truck, Monday, April 27, 4-8 PM

Skrimp Shack Food Truck will offer Grab & Go dinner service at the East Stratford Clubhouse this week!  

We must pre-order between April 24-26 at 10 AM!  Follow the pre-order instructions below. Download (.doc), Skrimp Shack Menu 4.27.2020 or view online menu


Food trucks are allowed to park in the community at any time. Their presence does not reflect a request or an endorsement of their product by the East Stratford HOA. Purchases from food truck businesses are made at your own risk. We all want to remain safe within the guidelines provided by officials, and are therefore making clear requests below on how to make food truck purchases at this time.

The Social Committee has coordinated a plan and advertising for the truck’s arrival as a convenience for residents – and an exciting distraction! It is a pick up service only, as we cannot create opportunities to gather during days of social distancing. Please use your best judgement when deciding if public food service is the right choice for your family at this time.

  1. Learn about Skrimp Shack at, Facebook: Skrimp Shack Food Truck.
  2. View online menu.
  3. Pre-ordering is open April 24-April 26 at 10 AM! Text (703) 431-7093 with the following: “East Stratford, April 27, 4-8 PM,”
  4. Payment: No touch Square credit card system, or cash is accepted.
  5. Walk up service is an option, but “expect a 20-25 minute wait if we are busy.”  Pre-ordering is preferred as our community gives a lot of business!
  6. Send one adult to pick up the order to limit crowd size.
  7. ALLERGY ALERT: They are a seafood truck and “recommend that people with seafood allergies not order from us.  Nothing can be grilled, we only serve fried food!  We cook with soybean oil, which is gluten, trans fat & cholesterol free.”  This does not mean they have gluten free food, call or text allergy questions.
  8. All guests must stand at least 6 feet apart.  Use the parking lot lines as markers for where you can stand, or follow their measured chalk lines.
  9. Gatherings of 10 or more people are not allowed, and if we do not comply with this policy Skrimp Shack will not only have to stop service, it could jeopardize their future business. Please avoid stopping to socialize with neighbors, as tempting as it is! If it looks crowded, take a walk around the lake and try again in a few minutes.
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