I never received my confirmation email after I registered.

The confirmation email is normally delivered within a few minutes of registering.

First check your profile and make certain your email address is valid and is able to receive incoming mail. Check every letter to make sure you spelled your email address correctly. Some typos are hard to spot. Also, make sure you used the correct domain type (.net, .com, .org) for your email address domain.

If you use any type of email SPAM filtering software or if your mail provider uses any type of SPAM filtering, you may need to configure it to allow email to come from [email protected]. For AOL users, this can usually be done by adding the address [email protected] to your AOL address book. If you have multiple screen names, make sure to add it to the address book for the screen name you have entered in your profile.

AOL users should also check their “Spam Folder” to see if the confirmation notice was incorrectly detected as spam. You can view your Spam Folder by starting AOL and clicking the Mail menu, then selecting Spam Folder from that menu. On older versions of AOL, try going to Keyword “Spam Folder” if this menu option is not available.

After you have made the changes above to your email address or your SPAM filtering, you can force another copy of the confirmation email to be sent to you by viewing your profile and clicking the “Resend Confirmation E-Mail” button at the bottom of the screen. This forces another email to be sent to the email address in your profile with the confirmation link needed to activate your account.

If you still have trouble receiving the confirmation email, you may want to open a “free” web-based email account through one of the internet’s free email providers. If you are able to receive emails at that account, you can be relatively certain that your regular email account is somehow filtering out the emails from the community web site.

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